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Kai Ming
Overall Fitness​ / General Health
An experienced personal trainer, Kai Ming has trained clients across a variation of conditions and fitness levels. His results-driven yet motivational approach to his clients’ success has helped many of them reach their fitness goals.
Muscle Gain / Body Fat Loss
With a diploma in sports science and food nutrition, Ash is a top notch trainer who knows the ins and outs of weight management. Be it weight gain or loss, Ash has helped countless clients to see tangible results and debunked many diet fads and food myths along the way with his personalised nutrition plans.
Body Image​ / Overall Fitness
Dedicated personal trainer with a passion for improving clients health, wellness and quality of life.Deliver fitness program for all ages that are fun, safe and tailored to individual needs & goal. Rachel is also a very experienced dance instructor and create a holistic environment in dance fitness
Muscle Gain / Body Fat Loss
After being successful in his own weight loss and muscle building journey, Hisyam became a personal trainer with the goal of helping others achieve the same results and in doing so, transform their bodies and their lives. He strives to impart knowledge that will help his clients become stronger and live healthier.
Body Image​ / Overall Fitness
A highly passionate trainer who specialises in strength and conditioning using a holistic approach, Florence has helped her clients to lose weight, improve strength, make postural improvements and improve flexibility. Her curated diet plans have also helped her clients to shed fat and tone up safely.
Overall Fitness​ / General Health
A highly experienced personal trainer, Sherwin has coached children, adults and even seniors safely and effectively. He has also received several accolades in fitness modelling including First Runner-Up – Mr. Asian World 2014 and Mr. Hot Bod – Manhunt Singapore 2011. He places strong emphasis on proper form and technique during workouts to prevent injury and maximise results.
Muscle Gain / Body Fat Loss
Having been a personal trainer at several gyms before, Ihsan has trained clients of different ages, fitness levels and health conditions. His passion for helping others to become healthier and fitter has achieved consistent results.
Hypertrophy / Overall Fitness
As a training coach, Shaun believes in the importance of acquiring basic functional movements & upholding proper form & technique to be safe during training. His many years of exercise training led to a strong passion for fitness, one that he’s keen to share with others embarking on their fitness journey.
General Fitness / Health & Nutrition / Body Recomposition
Having worked for four years as a pharmacist, Vanessa knows just how important it is to stay fit in order to maintain one’s health. She brings this knowledge to every training session, instructing clients on the best ways to exercise to prevent illness and injury.
Overall Fitness / Sports Therapy
A highly passionate personal trainer who specialises in educating & empowering people of all ages to achieve their desired fitness goals safely through physical training and sports therapy.
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