Female Weight Loss

Effective Weight Loss Fitness Plan Made for Women
Gaining weight’s generally easy. In fact, it’s sometimes too easy it’s almost frustrating! But losing & keeping that weight off? Now that’s difficult & we’re sure that you can relate. Here’s where trainers from Housecall PT come in!
Dedication to Realising Your Best Version
We have your needs & goals in mind. We understand your struggles & help you build your confidence by doing. And how do we do it? By hammering in evidence-based tips for losing weight so you can finally see your ‘dream bod’ reflected in the mirror in no time!
Match With An Expert Trainer
Being with the right personal trainer is so much like being in a relationship—there’s mutual trust, commitment & a willingness to communicate your needs. At Housecall PT, you get paired with a personal trainer that not only supports your long-term fitness but helps you set realistic goals, too!
Get Tailor-Fitted Weight Loss Programs Made Especially for Women with Housecall PT.

A Weight Loss Program for Women

Dropping the extra pounds takes more than the desire to be fit—you need the grit to put in the work! And if you’re the type to fall by the wayside with following up on your fitness routines, then enlisting the help of expert PTs is your next great option!

Our weight loss programs work well with women who’ve no time to drop by the gym but badly want to inject time for weight loss training into their busy schedules; women who have recently given birth and are looking to drop the ‘baby weight’; women who need help developing a healthier relationship with food and diet; as well as ageing women who want to preserve their muscle strength and function.

Basically, women who need a little guidance and a push towards achieving their fitter, healthier versions.

Benefits of a Proper Weight Loss Program for Women
Aside from the physical changes and increase in confidence, a good weight loss program can unlock a trove of wonders for you:
Healthier relationship with food
Reduced risk for developing a slew of diseases
Better metabolism and digestion
Preservation of muscle strength
Increased energy and productivity levels
Improved mood with the release of endorphins
An effective weight loss fitness program contributes a lot to a more confident, more positive body image. Let us help you achieve that.

Qualified Personal Trainers

Housecall has a pool of personal trainers who walk the talk; PTs who are qualified to oversee and tailor fitness plans that address women’s weight loss needs. They have a dedication to their craft, but most especially, to you.

On top of their expert advice and tips, they also create individualised programs that help you get in shape. They offer their perspective on how best to lose weight depending on your specific body type, helping you figure out exactly what works for you and what you can do without.

Think of them as your cheerleaders; encouraging you to begin and stop delaying, pushing you to your limits and ultimately, holding you accountable to yourself!


Let’s begin with a game plan.

The free consultation with a Housecall personal trainer gives you an opportunity to understand what you’re getting if you enlist our help. Not only that, but the consultation cues us in on your needs, goals and risk factors—everything we need to make a bespoke fitness plan that’s created with you in mind.

The free consultation is a chance to:
  • Know the ins and outs of personal training
  • Discuss your short & long term fitness goals with an expert trainer
  • Go over concerns & deterrents stopping you from working out
  • Gauge the experience & knowledge of our PTs
Top Questions on Female Weight Loss
Answers to some of the most regularly asked questions about losing weight as a woman.
Q. How many calories do I need to shed in order to lose weight?
Q. How important is a nutrition plan to my weight loss exercise program?
Q. Will I be ‘bulky’ if I do weight training?
Q. When is the best time for exercising for weight loss?
Q. Is it required to disclose my medical information to my trainer before I begin exercising for weight loss?
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