Being Injured is Not the End;
We Help Get You Back On Track Safely

Restore Your Strength
Housecall PT offers injury management programs to help you keep up with the demands of your mind, engaging you both physically and mentally so you can replenish your strength and body function in no time!
Stay Motivated Throughout Your Recovery
Getting back to your active lifestyle after an injury can be gruelling, but it’s sometimes harder to navigate around the mental toll. We’ll help you remain optimistic throughout the whole recovery journey so you could bounce back stronger than ever.
Starting Slow with Simple Exercises
It is not easy to exercise post injury, so we start you small with light exercises & increase the intensity depending on your progress. With a knowledgeable PT from Housecall, you’d feel your strength building over time until you finally get back to form!
Bounce Back Stronger With Injury Management Workouts at Housecall PT.

Safe Injury Management & Rehabilitation Program

Let’s be honest; getting injured is frustrating. You struggle to do the basic tasks, are demanded to lie low for a while & to basically stop doing activities you used to love & enjoy. Most times, the impact of the injury on your mindset is more crippling than the injury itself! Good thing, this isn’t the end of the world.

Housecall PT has a safe Injury Management & Rehabilitation program that is filled with manageable exercises that don’t strain you. With the help of licensed personal trainers, we can help engage you mentally as well so you can crush your fitness goals post injury better & in a safe manner.

* Remember to have your doctor clear you for exercises so you can workout safely!

Working Out with Experts Post Injury
No trainer? Not a problem. But recovery with experts in the field? Better. Here’s why you need the help of expert trainers to navigate your post injury workouts:
They know what they’re doing.
They craft the best workout plan for your injury.
They help you re-assess your fitness goals.
They can help you train safely.

Qualified Personal Trainers for Post Injury Workout

Our trainers are knowledgeable about the do’s and don’t’s of working out after an injury. They know that it’s not an easy feat and the good thing is that they’re not here to take the easy route with you.

Housecall PT trainers understand the hurdles getting in the way of your fitness so they begin your workout with quick, simple exercises, focusing on what you can do. Each session is a chance to re-train not only your body but also your mindset so you could be mentally resilient as you go along with the workouts.

Each of our trainers is equipped with industry proven tips and advice, as well as years of hands on experience. They know what’s best for your injury type and how to navigate it better to ease you slowly—but surely—back to your healthy body!


Let’s begin with a game plan.

The free consultation with a Housecall personal trainer gives you an opportunity to understand what you’re getting if you enlist our help. Not only that, but the consultation cues us in on your needs, goals and risk factors—everything we need to make a bespoke fitness plan that’s created with you in mind.

The free consultation is a chance to:
  • Know the ins and outs of personal training
  • Discuss your short & long term fitness goals with an expert trainer
  • Go over concerns & deterrents stopping you from working out
  • Gauge the experience & knowledge of our PTs
Top Questions on Injury Management Workouts
Answers to some of the most regularly asked questions about post injury workout.
Q. Is it okay to workout even after getting an injury?
Q. Why should I do personal training after an injury?
Q. How long until I get back my pre injury form and strength?
Q. Can I start working out again post injury even without clearance from my doctor?
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