Muscle Gain & Strength Training

For Muscle Building & Strengthening, Enlist the Help of Experts.

Add Width to Your Body
Ready for monster muscles? We are! & we know you are, too! Housecall PT is trained to craft workout regimens that activate the right muscle groups to change your body composition so you could achieve your desired physique!
Maximise & Sustain Muscular Strength
Sustaining muscle strength is as important as gaining them. So, we don’t stop at the latter. We help you level up your muscle game with exercises that train it for maximum strength!
Up the Muscle Building & Strengthening Ante with Experts
Hack away at the fat & see strong muscles with a personalised training plan! Get scheduled exercises, advice on food & diet & conditioning workouts. These & more with reliable personal trainers from Housecall PT.
Build Muscle Mass & Get Stronger for Longer, One Session at a Time.

Muscle Gain & Strength Training

Want to grow your muscles but is constantly failing to see the results you want? Or maybe, you’re intimidated by people in gyms who just look like they perfectly know what they’re doing? Let us break down the good news for you; with muscle gain and strength training, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never gone to the gym ever—what matters is your willingness to begin today.

The Muscle Gain and Strength Training program at Housecall PT is not only made for gym buffs but is also perfect for beginners looking to enhance their body for practical and aesthetic purposes. Our muscle building plan could accelerate your body building and drastically improve your physique. But we don’t just focus on building your muscle mass and tone. With our plan, you can also increase your muscle function and sustain strength that builds over time.

Our convenient house calls ensure that you could begin training in earnest at a time and place of your choosing. Begin the grind and see the muscle definition you’ve always wanted with Housecall PT!

Benefits of a Muscle Building & Strength Training
Here are other benefits to muscle gain and strength training to inspire you to begin your own journey:
Better fat-burning capacity
Stronger immune system
Great energy levels
Improved Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

Qualified Personal Trainers

Training to build muscle is tricky. There’s just a lot to consider. But you don’t have to begin on your own. Housecall PTs are ready to accommodate you! Our trainers know what muscle groups to activate, correct your form so you could avoid injury and are licensed to give advice on food and diet so you can maximise your muscle training.

Bottom line is: your personal trainer’s got your back. So feel the burn, beef up and get the muscles you’ve been dreaming of with learned trainers from Housecall PT!


Let’s begin with a game plan.

The free consultation with a Housecall personal trainer gives you an opportunity to understand what you’re getting if you enlist our help. Not only that, but the consultation cues us in on your needs, goals and risk factors—everything we need to make a bespoke fitness plan that’s created with you in mind.

The free consultation is a chance to:
  • Know the ins and outs of personal training
  • Discuss your short & long term fitness goals with an expert trainer
  • Go over concerns & deterrents stopping you from working out
  • Gauge the experience & knowledge of our PTs
Top Questions on Female Weight Loss
Answers to some of the most regularly asked questions about muscle gain workouts and strength training.
Q. Can women build big muscles like men?
Q. Do I need to train every day to build bigger muscles?
Q. What type of food can help me build bigger muscles?
Q. Is it required to disclose my medical information to my trainer before I begin exercising for weight loss?
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